Motovlogging took off in 2019 when Covid hit and millions were home with very little to do but watch TV.

Many turned to YouTube for a source of entertainment, and for others, a way of expressing their creativity,  But it’s 2022 almost 2023, and times have changed. And here is what I mean by that.

Long gone are the days of just vlogging nonsense, a vlog without purpose, information, or comedic value. Viewers aren’t watching us like that anymore, they don’t have time for it. Many have gone back to work and now have very little time to invest in watching vlogs like before. You can also thank Youtube shorts, Instagram reels and TixTox for creating a short-term viewer, a viewer with a shorter attention span and quick scrolling fingers. I’ve noticed this in my analytics and I’m sure you’ve noticed it too, our views, retention and subs are dropping faster than in 2021. 

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